Land For Sale in Maremma

Ref. 452)

 This is near Magliano with an excellent view to the country. It is an agricultural land and its purchase of about 3.6. There are 82 Olive trees, out of which 30 are fully grown and 50 are smaller ones.

Ref. 663)

This is in  Magliano Area. Located at 23 Arable Hill and has the possibility of making a housing unit by the sea.

Ref. 670)
This is approximately 1.5 Km from Pereta. It is an agricultural land 103 (very wild) with an excellent sea view. This extends onto two agricultural buildings, one of which may be converted into an housing area. This would be a total area of about 1,000 cubic meters obtaining a house of about 350 acres.
Ref. 690)

This is a flat land, bordering the river Albegna 10 HAS AD. HAS  EURO 15,000.00.

Ref. 723)

This is a stake land with olive groves situated at the edge of the village of Magliano which is approximately 5000 MQ, with the possibility of building of country MQ 75 more basement. (In front of the elementary school)

Ref. 736)

This is a rural land with above HAS 3 of about 500 fully grown Olive groves , just a few kilometres from Magliano.

Ref. 749)

A few kilometres from Magliano in the direction of Montiano, land  HAS. 10 Of Media Hill.
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